Defining the MVP of DenseLayers

DenseLayers is a website where people can discuss research papers online, paragraph by paragraph. It is the project I am working on right now, and aim to launch the site by Dec 31. The story of how it came about etc is too long to go through all over again (after all this is a codex, not a blog) so at the expense of all readers who are not myself, I'll just skip to a more pressing matter - what features should be in the first version of the website. As always, don't mind if this turns into a rambling…
Aman Agarwal
December 11, 2019

How do I describe my database schema?

This is a post in which I explore what would be the best way to explain my current database schema for DenseLayers (my current project) in a clear and concise manner - which I will do in another post. This means that this is a rambling post about how I should write that future post. Writing great documentation (whether for yourself or others) is a skill and it should be practiced thoughtfully. I want to compare different ways of organizing/structuring the ideas on paper so that they make the most sense. Update: I realize other readers may not know what…
Aman Agarwal
December 2, 2019
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