Never have to call yourself “non-technical” again.

It might seem like the biggest success stories in business increasingly belong to the techies — while you get left behind.
It’s time to level up your skills and learn to confidently lead modern digital companies.
Packed with simple explanations, bare-knuckle humour, and gripping inside stories from organizations like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and even the FBI and NASA:

My new book, "Tech Fluent CEO" is now available worldwide.

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“Tech Fluent CEO” is not for you if:

  • You have no intentions of ever building or leading any digital org or software company.
  • You consider yourself highly technical. You have an extensive background in computer science or software development.
  • You don’t like books.

But it is essential for you if:

  • You are transitioning towards or aspiring to lead an innovative digital company, or tech teams in a startup.
  • You don’t consider yourself a software engineer or hardcore techie, and have no interest in becoming one. You’ve spent your whole life learning and doing other things.
  • You love reading good books.

Actual Reader Feedback

Seriously the best thing I've ever read. I took notes. Analogies are basically equivalent to a perfect California Style el Pastor Burrito.

Sometimes you read something, and you feel angry, because you wish you’re talented enough to write like that. Yep, thank you for making me want to burn everything I’ve ever written… My sarcasm aside, this is perfect for a non-technical AI enthusiast who is sick of cliché media references to the Terminator. Thank you Aman!

Wish I had this resource when I started my journey, rather than trying to self-educate with hundreds of articles on the internet.

Beautifully written, love the analogies Aman, everyone can relate to that. I completely agree with you, there's no need for business people to spend time in coding bootcamps, but it's essential to know [how things work]. This knowledge is not as widely available as we'd think. Many thanks for writing this.

Never found anything so creatively explained. Thanks.

I really liked your book. I can tell you have a lot of passion for this topic, and you mentioned several interesting things that I had not heard of before, like the balance between the cost of testing vs. the cost of failure. Lots of good ideas here.

This is f*cking hilarious, and good!

If I had a super power it would be to be able to read and absorb just about anything...quickly. I just look at it and boom....done. Reading this was about as close to that as I will probably ever get. Thank you for breaking the subject down effortlessly and with humor and wit.

Did you write this yourself, or use a professional writer? On first impressions, looks really well written for context and style. Great job!

Love the way you include humor, and also loved the detail in the chef's beard. Haha! 🙂

Meet the Author

Hi I’m Aman, Founder and CEO of Sanpram Transnational Corp. As an engineer I have worked on self-driving trucks, computer vision for robot assistants, and AI-enabled brain-computer interfaces. Besides that, I’ve done B2B sales for two tech startups each worth >$1 billion.

I’ve received worldwide recognition for my teaching. My essays explaining cutting-edge AI technologies to non-engineers have been widely discussed in the media, and I’ve given guest lectures on AI to fine arts students in Japan. I have a Masters degree in Systems Engineering from Cornell University, USA.

I’m also the host of The Eccentric CEO and The Age of AI podcasts.