The Age of AI Series

Most good podcasts about AI/ML tend to be super technical, focusing on the latest research papers and algorithms. While I think that’s cool too (I built DenseLayers for that), for this series, I’ve decided to focus more on how ML is really being applied in various industries. Tangible business value, not research projects.

I interview the foremost entrepreneurs using AI to transform their industry — from forest conservation to sports broadcasting.

Since there’s a lot of buzzword-bingo these days (every Tom, Dick and Harry is peddling an AI-powered widget), I only invite people who are the real deal. We dive into the details and uncover what’s really going on, and how it works!

Why is this important to me? I believe AI will be the biggest technological advancement by humanity. We’re still in the earliest stages.

I’m also on a long journey to become the most trustworthy, well-informed expert in the world on A.I. transformation. This further helps me do that.

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