Codex Audentia

Codex (noun): An ancient manuscript text in book form.
Audentia (noun): Latin for “audacity”.

(This is my codex. If you’re looking for my blog instead, it’s here.)

Lessons from FBI’s top hostage negotiator

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Then I went down the rabbit whole. I watched a TEDx talk by Chris. And then found his Medium blog posts. Needless to say, his will be the first book/course I’ll be consuming in depth as soon as I am able to. (Update: my roommate happened to have his book and lent it to me. Here are my notes from the book!) Notes: According to Phil Knight, the founder of Nike (as he said in his autobiography Shoe Dog), the FIRST RULE of negotiation is to know what you absolutely cannot walk away without. If you don’t, you can never…

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How do I describe my database schema?

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This is a post in which I explore what would be the best way to explain my current database schema for DenseLayers (my current project) in a clear and concise manner – which I will do in another post. This means that this is a rambling post about how I should write that future post. Writing great documentation (whether for yourself or others) is a skill and it should be practiced thoughtfully. I want to compare different ways of organizing/structuring the ideas on paper so that they make the most sense. Update: I realize other readers may not know what…

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