A podcast where CEOs and founders explain how their industries really work.

Newest Episode: Inside the Business of Managing Fashion Models

Okay — for each episode, I’ll give you $20 if you can find a more thorough and informative discussion about that industry anywhere on the internet. That’s how excited and confident I am about the quality.

This podcast gives you “X-ray vision” into various businesses, from the perspective of a global entrepreneur or investor.

I talk candidly with CEOs, revealing insights you won’t find anywhere else — the REAL face of their industry, business models, market trends, and much more. In simple English.

Why did I start this? First and foremost because I’m a lifelong business nerd, and I find this fascinating. And second, because nobody should hire a “tech transformation consultant” who can’t intimately understand how their business even works. I want people who engage with me to be confident that I’m more up-to-date than anybody else.