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Tech Fluency for Leaders

For individual CEOs and startup founders: work with me directly to level up your Tech Fluency.

See FAQs below.

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What do you offer exactly?

If you’re a “non-technical” CEO or startup founder, and want me to coach you directly to become Tech Fluent, you can request a meeting with me through this page.

It’s 1:1 coaching and training on steroids.

My teaching style is a mix of hand-holding and tough-love. I will keep you just slightly out of your comfort zone, where the most accelerated learning happens. Most adults have forgotten the joy and tribulations of “deep, focused study.” I’ll remind you.

By the time we’re done, you won’t be the same executive anymore. You’ll not only have eagle-vision across the entire technology horizon (being able to understand what’s going on where, and even starting to predict shifts that are happening), but also the ability to make highly strategic technical decisions at your company with confidence and clear reasoning.

What is your pricing? And can we get a discount?

$25,000 โ€” about as much as an executive course at an Ivy League university.

Unfortunately, since it involves direct access to my time, I can’t give discounts.

The ideal “student” for a 1:1 engagement with me is in a decision-making position where becoming Tech Fluent could easily save (or make) them 10-100 times this money in a single year (meaning, this investment would be a steal).

You can read my book, Tech Fluent CEO (if you haven’t already) for less than $10 and get everything you need from there. I cannot recommend it enough.

Is it virtual or in-person?

Mostly virtual, but we will also try to meet in person at least once during our engagement (doesn’t matter where you are in the world).

It’s completely optional, and I pay for my travel arrangements myself.

What topics do you cover?

Apart from everything covered in my book Tech Fluent CEO, we will cover web3/crypto, big data, and also go deep into several topics, such as AI (which is close to my heart).


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