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What does failure for DenseLayers look like?

By July 12, 2020June 22nd, 2023No Comments
  1. Nobody wants to read my essays about papers on Medium.
  2. Nobody wants to discuss papers on DenseLayers.
  3. DenseLayers gets sued and forced to shut down or escape.
  4. Site is never able to scale, and becomes/remains a niche community or fancy blog.
  5. Site gets hacked.
  6. Becomes community of spammers, haters and bots.


  1. Which ones are realistic? All of them
  2. What can be easily/mostly avoided? 3,5,6
  3. What is the Minimum Successful Product? A site that has a new cool paper from DRL every month or so, with my comments. Essentially a community that only includes myself.
  4. Am I okay with minimum success? Yes.

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