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Website design for SANPRAM

By August 14, 2020October 3rd, 2020No Comments

A great online business needs a great website.

The goal: NOT to introduce the company, because based on my marketing strategy, most leads would likely know what we do before they know the company’s name.

Therefore the goal is to build ON TOP of that trust, and further cement the relationship the reader has with us, and leave a remarkable, lasting impression. It’s a good way of establishing the overall brand, and what we believe in.

Questions to ask myself

  1. How do you build trust and rapport?
    1. Honesty
    2. Credibility/Expertise
    3. Consistency
    4. Humour, human connection
  2. Who is the audience?
    1. Executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs. Or those who aspire to be in that position.
  3. What is the end result?
    1. Visitor finds us likeable, and authentic. Unless they are sad people by default.
    2. Visitor is confident that we are the best at what we do.
    3. Visitor is interested in learning more about us.
  4. What is the buying process?
    1. They consume our great content
    2. They decide they want to work with us
    3. They visit the course page directly and see if they want it.
    4. They may or may not check homepage. If they do, they find it refreshingly honest but credible.
  5. How does it fit with overall marketing strategy?
    1. Great content available for free, ridiculously generous value
    2. Simple, refreshing, human but authoritative messaging and no hard selling
    3. Business AND technology experts
    4. Not overly “professional”

In the words of Alan Weiss, people are sick of you getting in their face trying to convince them how good you are. Nobody wants to know. They want to talk about how good THEY are.

Front Page Structure

  1. Hero for first impression – sharp and bold typography, but the fluidity shows a human side. The visitor gets their first anchor about our brand.
  2. Visitor is skeptical, so the first task is to build rapport. Charming, honest note that hopefully makes the visitor chuckle.
    • We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we are seriously the best
    • We don’t know you and you don’t know us, we understand that. And we don’t care because we have nothing to sell you. We want to be helpful first and foremost.
  3. We have a less defensive visitor if they’re still reading. Now, we can make our first soft “close”: present to them the great work we’ve been doing. They can go to different content pages from here. Make each of them as attractive as possible, and give a GUIDE instead of an AD.

So for the meantime, SANPRAM will only have a few basic sections: Hero, Intro, Blog, CTA/link to course and Contact.

Intro Copy:

This was supposed to be a corporate-tongue, fancy-worded, and marketing-optimized introduction. *Cringe*

We couldn’t do that with a straight face, so here’s what it is.

Someday we’ll give you a sales pitch about how we are building the world’s greatest education company.

But for now, we’ll just let you start with our founder’s free essays. Our readership includes executives from 50+ countries and spans more industries than we’re aware of.

With every new post, we try to push the boundaries of what can be explained simply – such as self-driving cars and bleeding-edge AI technologies.

Go learn! If you enjoy the readings, consider applying for our flagship program: Advanced Technical Fluency, for non-technical executives and entrepreneurs.

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