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Micro Famous?

By October 17, 2020No Comments

While researching podcasts, I accidentally came across Matt Johnson of “Pursuing Results“.

He drove home what Seth Godin has already talked about repeatedly – that the riches are in the niches. He talked about some ideas that had already been taking shape in my head, so it’s good to get validation:

  1. Using podcasting and content generation as a way to network with ultra influencers.
  2. Appearing on podcasts as a way to hack initial growth.

What he says is the backbone of such a strategy, however, is to be very clear about your messaging and value proposition, and your target customers. Without that, the “niche” effect will become very diluted.

He mentions how Gary Vaynerchuk also started out with a wine business and talked into a void for a year, with nobody watching his videos. But he took on the video platform right in the beginning, in 2006.

On a side note, I just found his very first video there:

Can’t help but admire the guy. He hasn’t changed much in 14 years – and the consistency is amazing.

For a new online entrepreneur like myself, the goal is to similarly choose a vehicle that most people haven’t jumped on yet. It’s okay to be a big fish in a small pond, as long as the pond is growing. You can grow with the pond.

On a side note, I think internationalization and localization are critical. Being the most famous person in only one language is not enough.

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