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Brainstorming the careers page

By February 1, 2021December 2nd, 2021No Comments


  • Attract people who are students of their trade
  • People who want to try new things
  • People who are nice and honest
  • People who want to make a mark
  • Good communication skills

What we can offer to such people

  • Ownership and freedom to experiment
  • Being recognized and celebrated
  • Supportive team and clean culture
  • Variety of work
  • Ability to hone their craft

What candidates may be concerned about

  • Not knowing if they’re good or not
  • Not knowing if they’ll get selected
  • Tired of applying and not hearing back?


Build trust, be remarkable, be encouraging

What does every internship post do?

  • Show how cool the company is
  • Talk about the competitive nature
  • Promise a great career start

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