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Educational Resources for Employees

By May 3, 2021April 30th, 2022No Comments

I wonder how I could provide my team with the training they need.

Major areas:

  1. Negotiation and collaboration
  2. Job-related skills and knowledge
  3. Things that would accelerate their career in general
  4. Personal growth and well-being

Black Swan method by Chris Voss. The most effective I’ve found yet. Ship a copy of the book to every new team member and see if they learned anything from it. Also the Vimeo uploads by this user:

Things that accelerate their career in general

Writing good emails. Speaking more clearly. Sales and marketing. I can share with them:

  • The 10-day MBA
  • Ebooks that changed my life and career (especially Seth Godin)
Personal growth and well-being

More ad-hoc. If someone wants to learn meditation, Judo, art, a foreign language, whatever. But not sure how to budget for it in a way that’s simple yet effective.

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