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NEW Homepage Design for SANPRAM

By May 14, 2021May 17th, 2021No Comments

It’s time to design a new home page. Here’s what the old one looks like:

Needless to say, it’s time for an upgrade. I don’t think that the customers I’m trying to attract will find this very legitimate or give off the “world-class” feel I’m looking for.

Process comes first

How do we go about it?

First, it’s important to set a goal. What are we trying to accomplish here and how does this fit?

  • The landing page should give an introduction and “anchor” our brand, for anyone who’s curious about what the company does. It’s not a sales page.
  • How would target customers and influencers arrive on our landing page?
    • Read about ME on LinkedIn and curious what my company does
    • Consume some content that links to it
    • Read an email we sent them
  • What do we want them to do next?
    • If they know nothing about us: anchor our brand and add value — divert them towards our content.
    • If they’ve already consumed our content: get them curious about working with us, and divert them towards a sales page. Reassure.
  • How to do it?
    • Visitors are more likely to know about us through ads or content marketing. OR, they’re looking to understand WTF we do. So diverting them towards sales pages comes first, and content second.
    • Explain in crisp terms, who we serve, what we do.
    • Don’t be needy. We’re teachers, and we teach. We are THE experts and expect to be treated as such. All selling is a transference of energy. Transfer the right energy.
    • First capture the emotion inside the visitor’s head. Then paint a different vision. Make a PROMISE, based on a BIG IDEA.
    • Promises to non-technical CEOs/leaders: emotional and logical


The promise is a BENEFIT to the consumer. It must be unique and competitive.

  • Emotional promise: Confidence
  • Logical promise: Competitive advantage, higher margins

Forced brainstorming: 15 ideas. Some will be terrible and some might be good, but it doesn’t matter.

  1. Higher margins
  2. Save time in sales meetings
  3. Save time in product discussions
  4. Feel confident while leading engineers
  5. Feel confident when investors or employees question you
  6. Never be afraid to ask questions or challenge engineers
  7. Never be awkward in technical meetings
  8. Save money while working with dev firms etc
  9. Save money for the whole company by making better choices
  10. Feeling reassured and safe about the big technical choices they make
  11. Get a refreshing new direction for their company
  12. Be more reassured and secure about the future, less worry
  13. More trust in the team and happiness at work
  14. Save frustration and energy when people don’t understand you and vice versa
  15. Don’t ever get bullied or sidelined by an engineer
  16. Take ownership of your company’s big moves into the future
  17. Don’t let a lack of knowledge burn your bank account
  18. Save you from regret of making jackass mistakes that cost your company
  19. Avoid company-destroying mistakes
  20. Knowledge is the ultimate insurance — which makes the greatest insurance company for CEOs
  21. We give you the feeling that you’re never alone.
  22. Being a CEO is lonely. We will stand with you.
  23. Be seen and acknowledged as your company’s future leader, not just the past/current one
  24. Be acknowledged by the engineers
  25. Be a more confident leader
  26. We help companies adopt AI. I’m a self-driving trucks engineer, also built robotic humanoid assistants, and a worldwide recognized AI educator.
  27. Help you avoid hiring the wrong CTO/engineers.


A big idea is what makes copy REMARKABLE. It jolts the customer to take NOTICE. It is SIMPLE but MEMORABLE.

Without a big idea, your message will pass like a fart in the wind.

What are some candidates for our big idea? Let’s do a forced brainstorming — 25 ideas.

  • Do you want to be (seen as) the past or the future of your company?
  • Tame AI before it tames you.
  • An executive looking stupid?
  • Powerful female CEO on the cover?

Another good way is to broaden the horizon — go on a “safari” and see what’s possible out there.

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