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Age of AI Post Design

By October 3, 2021No Comments

This codex post is about how I’ll design the webpage for each episode of the Age of AI Podcast.

The key thing to understand is that these posts will become (by intention) the biggest source of traffic to the company website, and are therefore a crucial part of the business funnel. How I handle and guide the traffic coming to the page will decide how we find customers as a company, so it makes sense to put some thought into how each page will be setup.

Here’s what I’m thinking right now:

  1. It needs to provide value, while branding us as trustworthy, reliable experts
  2. It needs to convey clearly what we do as a company
  3. It needs to direct the right people to other high-converting, trust-building pages on the website
  4. It needs to get people on our newsletter, or subscribe to our podcast

Let’s draft a rough ideal storyboard

  1. Prospect discovers post on social media
    “Oh that’s my acquaintance, let me check it out” / “Interesting title and topic, let me check it out”
  2. “I have no idea what to expect, but I’m short on time.”
  3. Person gets a quick “pitch” up front, that entices them to listen to the episode.
  4. Person finds some links to listen to the episode in different places. They also see the option of seeing a short summary or reading the transcript!
  5. If the person doesn’t understand certain topics, they get links to educational content explaining those things.
  6. Person sees my summary and comments, which are thought-provoking, and are then enticed to sign up for my mailing list which promises similar high-quality content in their inbox, regularly.

Desired end result:

“This was really good content and this person seems to know what he’s talking about; I should sign up to their email list and also check out what they do!”

Going back to my roots

I never set out to please people, but to teach them, and to speak out my opinions.

Why don’t I just write stuff that’s interesting and educational? And let people decide for themselves whether they agree or not?

There is nothing to hide, and nothing to protect against.

So, what is the “valuable” educational content?

  • AI is changing which industry?
  • What’s the story? What’s really going on? What’s the value of the problem?
  • Technical details: why ML is a good solution, what is challenging
  • Honest thoughts and food for thought

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