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It could take 50 years

By December 2, 2021October 27th, 2022No Comments

If a daily or weekly habit takes 5 years to show an amazing result, is that worth the effort?

It could be building muscle sustainably, stretching to become more flexible, learning an amazing new skill, etc.

I’ll be 34 in the next 5 years. If at 34 I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been, more flexible and agile, more mentally clear and happy, and having enough money to retire, that is worth the wait.

Then think about 20 years.

If it takes me 20 years to build a net worth of almost a hundred million dollars, that’s an INCREDIBLE lifetime achievement. It’s more than I’ll ever need or want. I’ll be only 50 years old. A 50-year-old with tens of millions to their name, can have another 50 years to enjoy it and see it compound.

Life expectancy for someone like me is probably around 100. In the next 70 years, humanity will see faster changes than ever seen before on the planet.

Things are already getting to a point where powerful civilizations rise and fall in a matter of decades, not centuries — just think of the Saudis discovering oil at the turn of the last century, and now learning that they have to wean off of it.

This means, over the next 20-30 years, we will have more “land-grap” opportunities to become insanely successful than any of our ancestors did. We will have SO MANY chances to “strike big.” Just like Ray Kroc who founded McDonalds after a series of barely successful ventures, it just takes a little grit to get going and keep digging for gold. Fortunes will grow and vanish over spans of just a few years.

I almost feel like anyone who doesn’t become wealthy at any point over this period during such a time is either ignorant to the point of foolishness, or cursed by destiny.

When the world is changing faster than people’s knowledge of it can keep up, you’ll be left with huge swathes of folks with outdated world-views, who will miss opportunities right under their nose. And that’s already happening.

We are incredibly lucky to be living in a time like this.

I will use SANPRAM Transnational as a vehicle to ride as many of these waves as possible. The goal for my personal life is to experience the most that the universe has to offer, marvelling and celebrating the creations of both human and nature, leaving few fruits untasted. And doing things that genuinely get me happy and excited.

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