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A B2B “Search Engine” Helping CEOs Stay Ahead of Their Market — Valuer A.I. (Ep 15)

By January 16, 2022February 5th, 2022No Comments
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Dennis Poulsen
Valuer AI

For most CEOs, the way they hear about new technological developments in their industry is through happenstance — we read something in an article or on social media and then dig deeper, to see if it’s something we should know about.

Often, by the time we find out about it, it’s already “old” news and everyone’s chatting about it.

Turns out, this is a fairly very passive and reactionary way of staying up to date with innovation in the industry. But there’s also a way to do this actively, which brings me to my guest today!

Dennis Poulsen is the CEO of Valuer AI, which is a B2B discovery engine — it uses AI to scour the internet and see what’s going on in various industries, looking for “signals” of new technological innovation.

It can then tell you in advance, things like “here are some companies similar to you, which are experimenting with these new technologies.” Almost like how Spotify suggests you new songs based on music you’ve liked before.

I think that’s pretty cool, but I can also see that it’s super hard to implement, so I sat down with Dennis to dig into how their platform works! Another interesting fact is that Dennis took his company public a short time ago, so we also discuss his thought process around that decision and other things.

01:00 – Valuer’s “B2B search engine,” and who uses it
11:10 – Using ML to build a tree of B2B knowledge
14:25 – How the software finds “similar” companies
17:45 – Company’s customers utilizing the platform to refine the searches and semantics
19:37 – Valuer as the Spotify of the business world
21:15 – The challenges in data gathering
24:23 – Data Team as key employees of the company
26:44 – Job boards predict where the company is going
27:35 – How they started and their journey as a start-up company
31:41 – Valuer’s sales and marketing process
39:40 – How Valuer pulled off their “enterprise first” sales strategy, and lessons learned
47:20 – Why Valuer went public, lessons learned, and future funding plans


(Ethics Policy: These opinions are 100% my own as an independent observer and educator. I don’t own stock in guests’ companies or their competitors, nor do I get paid by them in any form for any reason at the time of publishing, unless specifically stated. Episodes are also not intended to be an automatic endorsement of any company or its products and services.)

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