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Using A.I. to Treat Lifestyle Diseases Without Drugs — Perfood (Ep 18)

By January 30, 2022February 5th, 2022No Comments
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Dominik Burziwoda

For most people, “health” is not something you can measure, and nutrition and medical therapy are two different things — you try to “eat healthy” as much as you can, and get treatment from a doctor when you’re “sick.”

But there’s also a middle ground where you can cure or reverse certain issues just by changing your lifestyle, such as food, sleep and exercise.

So how does AI come into this picture?

My guest is Dominik Burziwoda, CEO of Perfood — which uses AI to continuously monitor blood glucose levels and a host of inflammation markers, thus being able to give patients precise alerts and specific recommendations on which behaviours are most healthy to them.

Interestingly, they sell this technology primarily to insurance companies instead of direct to consumer!

We sat down to break down the science, technology, and business of glucose monitoring, as well as other challenges and noteworthy developments in the healthcare space.

If you’re serious about health, fitness or technology, be sure not to miss this episode!

00:19 — A new paradigm of “digital therapeutics,” using AI for nutrition vs prescription

06:30 — Tracking inflammation and other biomarkers in your blood (correlation with continuous glucose monitoring, time series)

09:20 — How Dominik reversed his path towards type-II diabetes without drugs

13:00 — How Perfood’s AI system recommends which foods to eat and which behaviours to change

19:00 — The challenge of “describing glucose curves” and why it’s Perfood’s core IP.

24:30 — The evolution of glycemic monitoring technology

38:00 — Regulatory expenses for digital therapeutics, and making them “clinical grade”

43:00 — Why breast implants transformed EU regulations

51:00 — Perfood’s unique distribution strategy and 3-fold marketing (insurance companies, physicians, and patients)

59:30 — Innovation cycles in pharma vs digital therapy, and the changing landscape of European VCs

1:04:00 — Near-future outlook on the medical industry


(Ethics Policy: These opinions are 100% my own as an independent observer and educator. I don’t own stock in guests’ companies or their competitors, nor do I get paid by them in any form for any reason at the time of publishing, unless specifically stated. Episodes are also not intended to be an automatic endorsement of any company or its products and services.)

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