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In any project, business or organization, the psychology of the leader is the biggest factor towards success or failure.

I’ve realized I have an obsessive personality. By nature, I tend to get obsessed with things.

I can forget about food. Sleep. Standing. Moving. All so that I can keep doing whatever I’m doing.

But I’m also very easily distracted. My brain is an overly energetic dog.

The only way to keep me productive is to put my brain on the track with a big, clear rabbit to chase. I can chase that rabbit all the way to the finish line.

I also realize that if I had allowed myself to be obsessed with what my inner wisdom told me… not second-guessing everything I came up with… not focusing on other people’s advice and ideas first… I could have stayed consistent with my routines for an entire year.

If I’d tuned out the noise and focused on one thing for 365 days straight, I’d be in a totally different place right now.

So I’ve learned that I will use this fact to my advantage.

Focus on a single project at a time and go all-out on making it succeed, before moving on to the next one.

Patience over tactics. Take it 6 months at a time. Don’t switch things up all the time — just stick it out for 180 days before changing directions (or even horses, for that matter).

All the things I started and left unfinished because of short-term thinking:

  1. DenseLayers.
  2. Promoting the article constantly.
  3. Publishing the book.
  4. Guesting on other podcasts.
  5. The Eccentric CEO Podcast.
  6. Writing Twitter threads weekly.
  7. Networking and making friends on Twitter.
  8. Writing more essays on cool new technologies.
  9. Working out.
  10. Learning French.
  11. Learning Chinese.
  12. Learning to Draw.

You need to do things that scale, but give them time to compound! OR if you’re just going to “flip” things for a quick buck, just do that.

As Noah Kagan says, Law of 100. For doing anything, do at least 100 of them before switching gears or directions.

  • The book: 100 press releases, 100 guest podcasts, etc.
  • The podcast: 100 episodes EACH (ECCEO, AAI), 200+ youtube clips

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