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Using A.I. to Make Corporate Car Fleets Greener and Safer — VivaDrive (Ep 20)

By May 4, 2022July 1st, 2022No Comments
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Mateusz Maj

You know that the future of transportation is electric, and that future is already here, but it’s not “evenly distributed” – some countries, companies, and people are making faster leaps towards switching away from gasoline than others.

For companies that operate a lot of vehicles (in transportation, municipal amenities, retail etc), it turns out that switching to electric vehicles is more complicated than it sounds. Which cars do you switch first, which drivers do you allow to drive them, etc.

It’s a niche problem, but it’s growing, and today I speak to an entrepreneur whose company is dedicated to solving it – and their solution uses AI!

My guest was Mateusz “Mat” Maj, the CEO of VivaDrive, and in this episode we chat candidly about all the different aspects of managing fleets of vehicles.

1:26 – What are green fleets?
2:30 – Why European companies care about having green fleets
4:45 – Building a “digital twin” of a company
11:20 – Using an AI system to improve car fleet operations (in-depth reveal)
20:30 – What an “AI fleet manager” does: big data vs ML
25:00 – Using ML to upgrade to green cars
29:20 – Why is it complicated to switch to electric cars?
38:00 – European power grids aren’t ready for electric cars
41:00 – How VivaDrive approached their go-to-market strategy
48:10 – Fundraising strategy (and how they chose it)


(Ethics Policy: These opinions are 100% my own as an independent observer and educator. I don’t own stock in guests’ companies or their competitors, nor do I get paid by them in any form for any reason at the time of publishing, unless specifically stated. Episodes are also not intended to be an automatic endorsement of any company or its products and services.)

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