Codex Audentia

Codex: An ancient manuscript text in book form.
Audentia: Latin for “audacity”.

(This is my codex – a working notebook with all my notes and rambles in their full glory. It is raw, unpolished and unfiltered. If you’re looking for my blog instead, it’s here.)

How do I describe my database schema?

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This is a post in which I explore what would be the best way to explain my current database schema for DenseLayers (my current project) in a clear and concise manner – which I will do in another post. This means that this is a rambling post about how I should write that future post. Writing great documentation (whether for yourself or others) is a skill and it should be practiced thoughtfully. I want to compare different ways of organizing/structuring the ideas on paper so that they make the most sense. Update: I realize other readers may not know what…

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Let’s be terrible together.

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If you've seen my front page, you know that I love writing, teaching and sharing ideas. This blog website shall be my codex; my personal manuscript, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus. The Atlanticus is a twelve-volume series of handwritten notebooks in which he documented his ideas and studies on a great variety of subjects, from botany to weaponry. These private scribbles give us a peek into the brain of a prolific man, and have allowed us to recognize his endeavours although half a millenium has passed since. Giant crossbow design by Da Vinci; and his self portrait I...
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