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This is a sales page. It’s purpose is simple: if you’re convinced that you can benefit from the training program I offer, you’ll move forward and get in touch with me. If you decide it’s not for you, you’ll still walk away with my best advice on how to learn this stuff by yourself in future.

If that sounds fair enough, let me introduce to you: The New Ultimate Bodybuilding Bootcamp for Elderly Women, now 100% online.

Just kidding. It’s an advanced technical fluency course.

If you’re a non-technical executive, marketing/sales leader, investor or entrepreneur, you’re probably familiar with the feeling “disconnected” with engineers. You’ve also seen huge IT projects fail or spiral out of budget due to this disconnect.

I’ve seen way too many wicked smart non-technical colleagues feeling ‘lost’ in meetings with engineering leaders. First of all, most engineers lack the time, ability and empathy necessary to explain things to non-engineers. And secondly, not everyone has the heart of a teacher.

Course Outcomes

Through this course I’ll help you get to a level where:

  1. You understand modern digital technologies and how they work.
  2. You can confidently work with engineers to design and architect software-based solutions.
  3. You can easily learn about new technologies in future and connect the dots.

What you will NOT learn in this course:

  1. The intricacies of different tools and frameworks
  2. Knowledge of algorithms and data structures seen in a CS course

How the course works

My style of teaching is personalized for you and your pace, and will be heavy on examples, case studies and practical training. This is not a binge-readable or binge-watchable course that you take and forget.

There will be a strong focus on live practice – we will have virtual whiteboard sessions and assessments regularly. This is to ensure that you can immediately benefit from the knowledge and skills.

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