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I’ll be upfront that this is a ‘sales’ page.

If you need the training program I offer, I intend to convince you to schedule a quick call with me so we can move forward.

If we decide it’s not for you at the moment, you’ll still walk away with my honest advice on how you could learn on your own.

If that sounds fair, let me introduce to you: The New Ultimate Bodybuilding Bootcamp for Women Aged 70 and Up.

Just kidding.

This is the world’s first and only Technical Fluency Program.

Meet your instructor
Hi I’m Aman. I’m a Systems Engineer who has worked on self-driving trucks, computer vision for robot assistants, and AI-enabled brain-computer interfaces. I have also worked as a sales executive for two tech startups both worth >$1 billion. As a teacher, my essays explaining AI to non-engineers have been discussed in Business Insider and Gizmodo, and I’ve given guest lectures on AI to fine arts students in Japan.

If you’re a non-technical sales/marketing executive or entrepreneur, you may have felt an uncomfortable disconnect while working with engineers.

Unfortunately, most engineers lack the patience and empathy needed to explain things in a way that bridges this communication gap.

With technical communication, non-engineers can bring incredible value and insights to tech, and also rapidly accelerate their career growth.

Learning outcomes from the program:

  1. You have a solid understanding of software systems and cutting-edge topics like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things etc.
  2. Starting with just an idea, you can comfortably design a complex system from scratch.
  3. You can learn about present and future trends in technology on your own by connecting the dots.

The program is very personalized for you and includes several 1:1 sessions with me. It is heavy on case studies, practical exercises and assessments. It is 1-2 months long depending on how fast you go, and will need 5 hours of work per week.

Price: $

At this time, enrollment is limited to 5 individuals per month. If you would like to buy the program for multiple team members at once, we can work out that arrangement.

2-step enrollment process:

Step One: Schedule a 15-minute call with me. We will discuss your goals and the best path for you.
Step Two: If the course is right for you, I will invite you to pay and join the program.

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