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Episode 2: SaaS for Scaling Business Operations — Alicia B. Pierre

By January 22, 2021May 3rd, 2022No Comments

SaaS for Scaling Business Operations - Alicia Butler Pierre

Surprisingly many small businesses actually have MORE customers than they can handle. Alicia Butler Pierre’s 15-year-old company, Equilibria Inc, is now building a SaaS tool that helps these businesses scale their internal operations.

Having solved scaling challenges in all sorts of companies, Alicia is a TRUE student of her craft. In this episode, she shares the secret to her “magic” and gives us an HONEST, vulnerable account of the opportunities (and challenges) ahead of her.

  • 1:26 – Challenges of too much demand, and how to handle it
  • 12:59 – Contractors vs Employees: what’s the legal difference, and how you scale a services company
  • 23:46 – How her SaaS product helps business owners
  • 30:57 – Roadmap for her new tech company
  • 44:57 – Competition
  • 1:01:26 – Two-pronged sales model

Equilibria, Inc:

Alicia also hosts a popular podcast where she discusses all things related to scaling companies. You definitely want to check it out!

Connect with Alicia:

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