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Book Cover Design Brief (Final)

By March 12, 2022March 16th, 2022No Comments

Hello, awesome designer!

You can scroll below to read the brief, or watch this video I made first!

Before I talk about the book itself, let me share some visual examples.

1) Ideally it should have a kind of “3D” paper style, either for the title OR for the illustration OR the background. As I publish more books after this one, I’d love for this to become a sort of “signature” for all my covers.

A few examples:

2) I’m flexible on the STYLE of illustration/background. It can be simple or complex depending on what works best, but it should tell a visual story related to the theme.

The following are excellent examples:

3) In terms of typography, I’d like something big, bold and sans-serif (to be authoritative and easy to read). The title should dominate more than the illustration.

3) I also like ASCII art, btw 🙂

The Book


It’s an educational, non-fiction, business & technology book.

It is written to help the underdog entrepreneur build and lead successful tech companies.

More specifically, it teaches non-technical entrepreneurs to learn the basics of technology and be “technically fluent,” so they can communicate better with engineers.

The keywords for the book would be:

  1. Confidence (better communication)
  2. Building the future (being empowered by their new technical knowledge)
  3. Speed (the book shortcuts the learning journey)

My working title of the book is “TECH FLUENT.”

Other title contenders are “THE ECCENTRIC CEO” and “TECH FLUENT CEO.” I will test both on social media and see which one works best!

I’m still playing with the subtitle, but it will be one of these two:

  1. Build and Lead Extraordinary Digital Companies, Without Being A Tech Nerd
  2. The Eccentric Leader’s Guide to Building and Leading Extraordinary Digital Companies

Where it will be sold

This book will have a truly global distribution! It will be available in both print and digital versions, in every country possible.

If this project interests you, let’s get rolling! 🙂

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