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Chapter Three: Ultimate Cooking Guide to Software

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Pop Quiz!

Share your answers in the comments below, with an explanation for why you think so. The important part isn’t to get the answer right, but to think about why you chose that answer!

Question 1: Which of these statements are false?

  • The operating system of a computer includes the processor in it.
  • Memory is equal to how much storage space the computer has.
  • Storage space is easier to extend than memory.
  • The amount of memory is limited by the physical hardware of a computing system.

Question 2: If you wanted a software program to get executed faster on a computer, which choices are likely to directly help with that? (This is a trick question. Note that I haven’t mentioned anything about the nature of the program.)

  • More processors in the computer
  • More storage space in computer
  • Physically larger computer
  • Fewer lines of code in the software program
  • More power voltage for the computer

Question 3: Which of these would be good examples of “cloud-based” software?

  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • A computer virus
  • A web browser like Chrome / Firefox
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
Question 4: If you were building a virtual assistant app that orders food for a user automatically depending on the time of the day, the present weather and the person’s mood (by analyzing their text messages and social media activity for the day), you would need:
  • an API for ordering food
  • low-level programming language
  • an API for accessing social media activity
  • the programming frameworks used by the weather company
  • access to the users’ phone microphone and camera

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